Safe & Smart Cities - Raipur Smart City

Brief of project

The smart city project of Raipur includes several Pan City and Area Based Development initiatives with a focus on both infrastructure and ICT advancements across the city and at strategic locations. The strategic focus of the city has been identified to improve mobility, improve situational awareness, enhance public safety and security, and introduce data driven decision making.

Components deployed throughout the city are envisaged to accrue the following benefits:

  • Enable real time monitoring of the various facets of management i.e., Security, Traffic and City Utilities
  • Provide capability to respond in a unified manner to situations on ground (both day to day and emergency situations) by creating a common operational Dashboard for the relevant stakeholder
  • Provide and manage touch points from all concerned stakeholders during the lifecycle of various incidents
  • Deployment of various sensors (intelligent traffic signals, surveillance cameras, traffic enforcement sensors, emergency call box, PA systems, environment and weather sensors) throughout the city to improve situational awareness.
  • Development of an integration platform which will facilitate exchange and aggregation of data irrespective of underlying technology platform of the application
  • Development of Integrated Command and Control Center for improved visualization of ambient situation in the city and facilitation of data driven decision making.
  • Integration with existing and future ICT systems for smooth operations, monitoring and management


The project was completed successfully within the stipulated timeline and was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh on 6th Mar’19. This project has brought remarkable change in the lives of the people of Raipur. This has helped to curb the traffic violations and thus maintain smooth traffic flow, minimize traffic jams and manage the traffic system as per the need. CCTV has brought surveillance across the city with major focus on sensitive areas helping the Police – Law and Order to curb the crime, identify criminals through CCTV footages and retrieve valuable lost items of citizens.

Following are the major achievements of Raipur Smart City project so far:

  • The CCTV video footages were utilized in investigation of serious criminal cases and also identifying and tracking the lost valuable items of people in more than 200 cases.
  • More than 60,181 traffic challans have been generated as of 29th Feb’20 by Raipur Police Department for Red Light Violation, Wrong Side etc.
  • Numerous video/audio/image messages have been published by RSCL (Raipur Smart City Limited) and other Govt. authorities for public welfare and for creating social awareness through VMD/BB/PA systems.
  • Environmental sensors are helping to keep a tab on the AQI (Air Quality Index) of the city and take necessary precautions accordingly.

We have also received appreciation certificate from RSCL for the Best Safety practices and for maintaining Zero Harm throughout the project.

Project Progress Photographs