L&T Smart World

We are a leading system integrator and global connected intelligence solution provider. Founded in 2016 as a business unit of Larsen & Toubro Limited, our unique engineering expertise, domain knowledge and global partnerships give us best-in-class capability to solve the most complex challenges of enterprises across all industries in the realm of physical-Digital convergence.

L&T Smart World has grown as the market leader in Smart Cities, Smart Utilities & Digital Infrastructure touching 150 million+ Urban Lives, running 25+ Smart City operations centers, connecting 2 million assets and business applications across industries and several Telco Scale Next generation networks for several Indian states and institutions. Our end-to-end expertise in building and operating national infrastructure gives us deep insights into the business process and pain areas of any organization.

We are dedicated to making the Operation Technologies (OT) smart and safe across the industries, continuously improving the operational posture and performance through insights from the huge data generated by the assets. We achieve this through a Unique Combination of Expertise, Experience, Platform and Partnerships

  • Expertise: Our best-in-class Inhouse engineering expertise has enabled us to create connected solutions across the industries. A heritage from being born in the largest and most respected engineering company in the world – Larsen & Toubro, we have access to domain expertise across industries to be able to rapidly deliver PoC and MVP and validate the business case for any problem involving operational assets.
  • Experience: We have connected and in the operating millions of devices over the last 7 years across the country in some of the most challenging environments. 25+ Smart Cities, 12 Traffic Management Systems, 2m+ Smart Utility endpoints, Mega Communication Projects connecting thousands of Gram Panchayats, Indian Railways, Indian Armed forces – we have done it.
  • Platform: Unlike IT assets, Operational asset counts are in the order of higher magnitude, and they generate exponentially more data than traditional IT. To scale an IoT PoC requires a scalable and secure platform with ready use cases as well as creating custom use cases rapidly. L&T Smart World is built grounds up for scalable IOT and IOT AI with applications across industries.
  • Partnership: The world of OT is diverse and complex. We have created a unique ecosystem of Technology partners across the world to be able to stitch solutions specific to problems.