Rapid Deployment Communication System

Front & Rear View

Rapid Deployment Communication System (RDCS):

L&T Smart World offers a one-of-its-kind Rapid Deployment Communication System (RDCS) that is highly dependable for Homeland Security and can also assist in Disaster Management requirements. This open protocol-based system can connect to legacy as well as advanced communication devices seamlessly. A variant of RDCS being in-service equipment with the Indian Navy is a testament to our extraordinary expertise.

This next-generation Radio Deployable Wireless Access Network is realized with all necessary digital communication functions for supporting Rapid Operations, Tactical networks, Special Operations, Public Safety, Disaster Management, Emergency communication, etc.

Our RDCS solution provides Wired & Wireless services (voice, video, data), Gateway connectivity (Radio, FXS, FXO, E1) & Network backhaul connectivity via Ethernet/Copper/Optical communications. It has fully redundant power supply modules for continuous operation of the system, which makes it extremely reliable and suitable to be used in emergency situations.

Key Features

  • Standalone & Networked modes of operation
  • LTE Wireless Access
    • Wireless 3GPP 4G LTE Bands (On request) support
    • Full duplex operation supporting Voice, Video and Data Communication
    • LTE EPC & Voice server inbuilt inside the system
    • LTE handset
  • Seamlessly interoperable with Legacy radios, EPABX, SAT Phones, Analogue phones.
  • Highly dependable redundant power supply system
  • LED indications in case of failure
  • Two-man portable system
  • Thoroughly ruggedized system for military usage