Energy & Utilities

IoT in Energy & Utilities

The utility industry across the world has been seeing a trend of increased opportunities to create data, insights and services. The energy sector has been one of the many sectors that are experiencing a major shift in operations due to digitalization. Focus trends in this sector involve enhancement of user experience, advancements in operational excellence and new and emerging business models.

L&T Smart World with its experience in the IoT world has been able to kickstart India’s journey in the Advanced Metering Infrastructure in the electricity domain handling one of the biggest Smart meter rollouts across Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and NDMC.

The energy sector is proving to be one of the most innovative domains using AI, Automation, and advanced analytics. Big Data and Digital technologies are driving efficiencies and opening new possibilities, playing a pivotal role in the industry’s future relevance and an impact on people and the environment.

L&T Smart World being one of the largest deployers of smart meters in India with more than 5 million units across 8 Dis-Coms are using predictive analytics and machine learning to monitor various parameters to detect anomalies and various user behaviours to generate timely reports.

L&T Smart World’s smart grid solutions include smart meters, digital sensors, advanced communication networks, sophisticated analytics, Distribution Management systems, Outage Management systems for power utilities, and predictive analytics to enhance distribution efficiencies.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Solution offerings:

  • Installation of GPRS and SIM Card enabled Smart Meters
  • Head End System & Meter Data Management System
  • Mobile App and Web Portal for Customer
  • Database management
  • Cloud services
  • Integration with existing IT applications of Power Distribution Utilities
  • Digital Tools for Implementation and FMS services
  • Energy Auditing & Analytics